Thursday, February 5, 2009

A.P.C. München‎

I recently went to Munich for a couple of nights, the main reason being the ISPO Winter Trade Show. Whilst there one of my top priorities was to go to the A.P.C. shop, which I wanted to stop by last year, but never go the chance.

The shop itself is in such a great spot and the interior lay out and asthetic really suits the brand. Looking out of the front door and windows over Hofgarten and surrounded by big beautiful old buildings, I think it is pretty much a perfect shop and location for A.P.C.

In the store tried on various pairs of jeans in my size rather than the 28” new cure’s I already own. Tried 25&26” new cure, petite standard and cure (went with the petite standard in 25”. For those who dont know APC' sizing dont really run true). Any way as I was trying them on I was telling the lovely lady, who later told me show owned the shop, how I couldn’t get my size near where I live in Manchester, she then asked where a bouts near Mnchester I was from as she knew the area. It turned out that her boy friend of many years was from Burnley! the town where I was born about 6 miles away from where I live. Needless to say we were both a bit surprised! So we then had a chat about Burnley’s dull grayness, industrial past, The Pendle Witches, Pendle Hill and how great Munich is amongst other things.

I didnt ask her name but if you ever read this by any chance thankyou for you help and for letting my take these pictures!

It really is a small world.

Great shop, clothes and owner! If your ever in Munich i recomend you pay a visit.

(Click photos to view full. This if my first post on here, not worked out how to do photos properly yet!)

Galeriestrasse 6A - 80539 Munich
T + 49 89 2368 4005


  1. nice pictures matthew :] &how bizarre that you should meet someone connected to the mother town in munich!! xoxo

  2. A.P.C are the bees knees. Although i'm a lot more partial to a good pair of Nudie. Nice first post, I look forward to reading more in the future. Check my blog if u get chance.