Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hello Mr Postman

Who doesn't love receiving mail? I know i do!

And Personally I think unexpected mail is even better than receiving things one has ordered, unless its something amazing of course.

There are certain things i particularly look forward to being pushed through the door and landing on the door mat;

Firstly, letters from Charlotte, obviously.

Secondly, APC catalogues/look books and the posters that come with them.

And finally Rapha publications.

Today's mail was the latter, a beautifully produced Rapha Clothing 'Winter Gifts 2009' guide kind of deal, just in time for Christmas.

I doubt I'll be ordering any of the products from them in the next few weeks (i have still not taken payment of my student loan) but I'm always in the mood for more finely designed, styled and crafted cycling apparel.

Thank you Rapha for making my day that little bit better.

I ♥ Rapha

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mr Richardson is at it again!

Firstly a little apology for lack of posts of late; dissertation writing and other thing have drained my time energy and will to live. There should be a few new posts in the new few days and I will hopefully start posting regularly in the near future, when I get my act together.

Back to the matter in hand; Terry Richardson is one of my and many people’s favourite contemporary photographers; having in recent time’s undertaken work for the likes of Supreme and Jimmy Choo. Richardson has recently done a shoot with the cast of Gossip Girl (a show that I must confess to becoming more than a little obsessed with) for Rolling Stone Magazine.

I’m unsure of who my favourite Gossip Girl Character is but needless to say all the girls are hot and although not my thing I think my best friend Rebecca would kill me if I didn’t mention that the boys are by no means ugly.
Richardson’s Gossip Girl shoot, as with many, is suggestive and just a bit sexual, Blake Lively & Leighton Meester sharing an ice cream and Leighton sucking on Blake's thumb. I like!

Ohh and Rebecca Mr Westwick’s chest hair is also on display!

Take a look.





Thursday, February 5, 2009

A.P.C. München‎

I recently went to Munich for a couple of nights, the main reason being the ISPO Winter Trade Show. Whilst there one of my top priorities was to go to the A.P.C. shop, which I wanted to stop by last year, but never go the chance.

The shop itself is in such a great spot and the interior lay out and asthetic really suits the brand. Looking out of the front door and windows over Hofgarten and surrounded by big beautiful old buildings, I think it is pretty much a perfect shop and location for A.P.C.

In the store tried on various pairs of jeans in my size rather than the 28” new cure’s I already own. Tried 25&26” new cure, petite standard and cure (went with the petite standard in 25”. For those who dont know APC' sizing dont really run true). Any way as I was trying them on I was telling the lovely lady, who later told me show owned the shop, how I couldn’t get my size near where I live in Manchester, she then asked where a bouts near Mnchester I was from as she knew the area. It turned out that her boy friend of many years was from Burnley! the town where I was born about 6 miles away from where I live. Needless to say we were both a bit surprised! So we then had a chat about Burnley’s dull grayness, industrial past, The Pendle Witches, Pendle Hill and how great Munich is amongst other things.

I didnt ask her name but if you ever read this by any chance thankyou for you help and for letting my take these pictures!

It really is a small world.

Great shop, clothes and owner! If your ever in Munich i recomend you pay a visit.

(Click photos to view full. This if my first post on here, not worked out how to do photos properly yet!)

Galeriestrasse 6A - 80539 Munich
T + 49 89 2368 4005