Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hello Mr Postman

Who doesn't love receiving mail? I know i do!

And Personally I think unexpected mail is even better than receiving things one has ordered, unless its something amazing of course.

There are certain things i particularly look forward to being pushed through the door and landing on the door mat;

Firstly, letters from Charlotte, obviously.

Secondly, APC catalogues/look books and the posters that come with them.

And finally Rapha publications.

Today's mail was the latter, a beautifully produced Rapha Clothing 'Winter Gifts 2009' guide kind of deal, just in time for Christmas.

I doubt I'll be ordering any of the products from them in the next few weeks (i have still not taken payment of my student loan) but I'm always in the mood for more finely designed, styled and crafted cycling apparel.

Thank you Rapha for making my day that little bit better.

I ♥ Rapha

1 comment:

  1. Don't you ever tell me you can't write Matthew :]
    I really really like this! And the photos are beautiful, I love your camera work.
    I love you even more though :] I'm glad you're blogging again! xxxxxxxxxxx