Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mr Richardson is at it again!

Firstly a little apology for lack of posts of late; dissertation writing and other thing have drained my time energy and will to live. There should be a few new posts in the new few days and I will hopefully start posting regularly in the near future, when I get my act together.

Back to the matter in hand; Terry Richardson is one of my and many people’s favourite contemporary photographers; having in recent time’s undertaken work for the likes of Supreme and Jimmy Choo. Richardson has recently done a shoot with the cast of Gossip Girl (a show that I must confess to becoming more than a little obsessed with) for Rolling Stone Magazine.

I’m unsure of who my favourite Gossip Girl Character is but needless to say all the girls are hot and although not my thing I think my best friend Rebecca would kill me if I didn’t mention that the boys are by no means ugly.
Richardson’s Gossip Girl shoot, as with many, is suggestive and just a bit sexual, Blake Lively & Leighton Meester sharing an ice cream and Leighton sucking on Blake's thumb. I like!

Ohh and Rebecca Mr Westwick’s chest hair is also on display!

Take a look.






  1. very nice mister riley. great success!! and ed westwicks chest hair has made my day even better... haha!! no... i can't say that, you and luke are sat here so it's pretty much a great day anyway :D XOXO TWISTERRRRR TIME

  2. Yes,these girl on girl type pix,makes me wanna buy glasses and a camera....